• Parang Batik

    November 30, 2019
    Parang Batik image
    Parang Batik origin came from the island of Java and it is one of the oldest in Indonesia. ‘Parang’ came from word ‘Pereng’ means ‘Lereng’ or slope. There are several types of Parang such as Parang Rusak, Parang Barong, Parang Klitik, Parang Slobog. The

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  • Lakon Indonesia Founder

    November 19, 2019
    Founder's Note
    Lakon Indonesia Founder image
    Thresia Mareta, the founder of Lakon Indonesia, has passion towards Indonesian art and culture. Understanding the importance of development and culture preservation as a value and an identity of a nation motivated her to establish LAKON Indonesia.Her vision for LAKON Indonesia is to support the

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