Batik History and Technics

December 1, 2019
Batik History and Technics image

Batik technics, dated back around 1.000 years ago.

The art of batik is an art of drawing on top of fabric using technics and special tools. In Indonesia the art of batik originally was exclusive only for members of the royal family and the production of batik also only held inside “Keraton”. Development of batik outside “Keraton” was the cause of there’s a lot of high ranking royal members that live outside “Keraton” and therefor the tradition of batik making their way to outside “Keraton” and start to integrate everyday person's life.

Batik has a variety of patterns, meaning and usability, taken from nature, architecture, tradition, everyday life and abstract.

One of the common patterns is different form of bird.

Batik also falls into two categories Traditional Batik and Modern Batik. Traditional Batik has some characteristic features such as variation of snake pattern, Barong, Geomatics and Pagoda, that hold symbolic meaning. Traditional Batik have tend to have a darker color tone with strong characteristic of its origin.

while Modern batik has more variety of pattern of animal, plant and etc. with much brighter color tone such blue read and purple. Modern batik usually doesn’t hold any specific meaning.