Made To Order by Lakon Indonesia

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Perfect does not always have to be associated with high prices or luxury. Through "Made to Order" Lakon Indonesia wants to raise a collection of ready-to-wear clothes that are made 'Correctly' at every point of the process so as to produce clothes that are perfect, comfortable to wear, and of high quality.


The entire design and production process of this collection is under the supervision of IRSAN, which acts as the creative director for the Lakon Indonesia label. Known as a very idealistic and controversial designer figure, of course, will influence every line of this collection.

The idealism that the Indonesian Lakon label has always adhered to,

whatever work is produced must be done 'Correctly'.


Always have that view

'Clothes are made to enhance the wearer's personality'.


The Indonesian Lakon label collection elevates valor / elegance,

intelligence, and wisdom of a man and a woman.