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"The Final Journey to Java"

09 . 10 . 2021

Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta


This period is very important for history of human civilization
We have been given a chance to stop for a moment
A chance to realize…
And make corrections…
So that in the end we can execute everything in a better way
And produce works that are maximum and perfect

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GANTARI is a journey to explore and complete LAKON Indonesia’s story, as a continuation of Pakaiankoe.

This journey is a story that illustrates the metamorphosis of Lakon Indonesia. Carrying out its role to delve into culture and tradition, as well as preserving the basic principle that has been passed down from generation to generation for ALL OF US.

With the same spirit, Lakon Indonesia presented a collection that is more mature and deeper in the form of 100 looks of ready-to-wear. Promoting the richness of traditional craftsmanship namely batik, jumputan, and tenun lurik, made with natural fiber, the perfect material for Indonesia’s tropical climate. All these fabrics are the result of LAKON Indonesia’s two-year collaboration with the craftsmen of Java. Where not only has LAKON Indonesia guided them, but we have also helped them do various experiments, given them additional knowledge and views that can help them produce better works and develop. This will create an opportunity for them to continue thriving in the future.

Through this presentation, LAKON Indonesia honors women because they are the key to the inheritance of culture and ethical values in human civilization. As well as traditional artists that have dedicated themselves to the art they love.

Besides presenting fashion and traditional textiles, LAKON Indonesia also presents the immeasurable value of Indonesian culture and tradition. Along with the hope that all the exploration and execution in this presentation can lead to the appreciation of Indonesia’s craftmanship in the International world so that it can open a wider opportunity for the advancement of the Indonesian economy.


In the end… the whole journey will head to a single destination

The reason for LAKON Indonesia’s existence – to preserve Indonesian culture which is the foundation of our identity as a nation.


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Creative Director

Bapak Mamo_edited_edited.jpg

Adi Purnomo

Set Designer


Didik Nini Thowok

Master dancer and art

Screenshot 2021-12-23 151715.jpg

Adi Nugroho



The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

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