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RIK 062324 L



Men's / Women's Collection

Ready to Wear

F/W 2023-24

LAKON Indonesia always presents new collections that are different from previous ones by continuously exploring and experimenting in order to find solutions that ensure the continuity of Indonesia’s traditional craftsmanship.


Rik means lines or parit, interpreted as a fence or protector.

The RIK 062324 L collection highlights traditional Central Javanese handmade craft called LURIK, which also comes from the word Rik. This Lurik pattern is the result of thread weaving with lines and squares as basic patterns which symbolizes protection for its wearer.

For this collection, Lakon Indonesia delves into the traditional craft Lurik. Unlike other traditional houses in Indonesia, the material used is Lurik in a new perspective, the result from several technical improvements and very personal changes towards this craft bringing Lurik to become more suitable with the present era.