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There is a concern... about Culture.

Indonesia has lost so many skills in art and culture. Even more during pandemics. It has become more and more fragile with the rapid development of technology.

We need to explore, reminded, and maintain our basic principle as that is our root, to be able to grow as a nation.

We believe that preserving culture is not about archiving but more of an action to preserve the "basic principle", the skill, and the craftsmen themselves.

How to pass it on from generation to generation.

To keep the identity alive...


A   N O T E 

What is truly lost is proof of execution... so our young generations can learn and make a better execution in the future.

We need to have a strong note about our artisan, our masters,... most importantly to share their experiences and to give an inspirational idea, as a clue for them to develop.


Also as a reminder to put this as a priority

A   R E A L I T Y   F A C T

More than half of our craftsmen are women

WOMEN are the key to the inheritance of culture

and ethical values in human civilization

O U R   G O A L S

Is about all efforts that happen behind the scenes…

Which essentially takes up a huge portion and requires a large amount of energy

Whatever happens there… can not be disregarded

It is where all the stories are often missed by the eyes are kept…

The most important is… its meaning for knowledge


To make a change... for our generations