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"Seen and Unseen"

11 . 11 . 2021

Gedung SMESCO Indonesia, Jakarta


Is about all efforts that happen behind the scenes…

Which essentially takes up a huge portion and requires a large amount of energy

Whatever happens there… cannot be disregarded

It is where all the stories are often missed by the eyes are kept…

The most important is… its meaning for knowledge


This journey is a different step for Lakon Indonesia

It is a part of our journey in sharing the stories and knowledge that have been gathered through our previous journeys, so that more people can enjoy the outcome

For the future of Culture and Tradition… and the continuity of life…


This project is the result of Lakon Indonesia and Smesco Indonesia’s collaboration, under the supervision of the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs.

This project is aimed to strengthen the learning and skill enrichment functions for SME industry players. With the research and development undergone by the experts of each field in this project, SME industry players are hoped to be able to adopt the results more easily so that it can help their businesses in the present and the future.

The Aradhana collection is comprised of more than 60 looks made with traditional textiles from all over Indonesia, namely Batik, Tenun ikat, Songket, Ulos, and many other types of tenun.

This collection is designed to promote the richness and potential in the variety of Indonesian traditional textiles – national treasures. By creating inspirations to work with the textiles, it means that we are opening opportunities to ensure that traditional textiles can be worn by every Indonesian instead of merely those who come from their producing areas.

We conduct experiments about cutting methods that can preserve the perfection of traditional technique’s and take into consideration the use of various textile materials such as batik, tenun ikat, and songket. Through several stages of exploration into the history of clothes and traditional textiles from the West to the East of Indonesia, we created a series of clothing silhouettes that are STATEMENTS of the clothes that have been worn by Indonesians to this day.

In the end, everything is poured into patterns that have been simplified so that they can be easily adopted and executed by fashion-based SMEs in various regions of Indonesia. This is done to realize our goal of sharing knowledge that can become new resources for them in developing their businesses time and again.


Thus, we present this collection for SMEs, along with the hope to



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Creative Director

Screenshot 2021-12-23 151715.jpg

Adi Nugroho



SMESCO Indonesia

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The Ministry for Cooperative Small and Medium Enterprises

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