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Pintu Incubator is a form of culture preservation, which is the objective of LAKON Indonesia while pushing industrial development based on Indonesian handmade crafts at the same time. Through this program, LAKON Indonesia introduces the potentials of Indonesian traditional handmade crafts, which are very unique and competitive, to the international market. Through Pintu, we also invite local brands to share knowledge and experience with each other to expand exploration and use of these traditional skills in Indonesian products.

We hope that in the end, this will become a large ecosystem to move Indonesia’s small and medium industries as a whole, including everyone in the micro industries that support them. Which means, in the future, the continuity of traditional craftsmen and their skills can be maintained.

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In its efforts in preserving culture through fashion, Lakon Indonesia has cooperated with JFFF for several times to hold events that present its collaboration portfolio with the traditional craftsmen. Both Lakon and JFFF have similar mission to support the fashion industry players in reaching higher level of productivity and creativity, especially for those traditional craftsmen.

During the Gantari presentation, we met with the Cultural Attache of French Embassy for Indonesia and soon the three parties found huge potentials in startups development by young enterpreneurs that can benefit from cross cultural sharing of industry knowledge, access to greater networks and solutions to general problems that are commonly found, which in return can support these potential startups to grow significantly in local market or even propel its brand into international markets.

Hence these all led to the new initiative in building a fashion incubator, PINTU.



Institut Francais d'Indonesie (IFI)



Institut Francais is French's International organization for cultural, educational, academic and research cooperation. It aims to support the knowledge and understanding of French culture, education and language for fostering connections through cooperation and partnerships.

Located in four major cities in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Yogyakarta), Institut Francais d'Indonesie (IFI) provides French language classes, organizes cultural events and hosts Campus France, a gateway for study opportunities in France.

Among its numerous activities, IFI has made creatives industries a priority mission and particularly in fashion sector. In additional to building bridges, sharing know how and competencies between the respective stakeholders, IFI aims to bring the French and Indonesian fashion industries and its creative minds together.




An ecosystem that was built in 2018, as part of the efforts to preserve Indonesian culture. The objective is to seek how to make our old and traditional culture be an integral part of the everyday modern life while still staying true to its basic principles.

Since the beginning, LAKON Indonesia has been consistent to present their collections even throughout pandemic. And they have manage to give a living for hundreds of craftsmen and their families from the collaborations, and also many sectors in creative industry through their fashion presentation such as Pakaiankoe, Gantari, and Aradhana.

As LAKON Indonesia always believe,





JF3 is an initiative of Summarecon and allied Government organizations to promote the Indonesian fashion industry throughout the fashion value chain nationally. Since 2004, JF3 has gained the support and collaboration from the Government of Special Capital Region of Jakarta through the Indonesian Department of Tourism and Culture, and has since been included as one of the flagship national events of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

JF3 aims to empower small and medium-scale designers and fashion value chain contributors throughout the nation and propel their scalability to grow internationally. 

JF3 showcases its collaboration through JF3 Fashion Festival annually. This event brings together prominent designers and promising young designers alike to exhibit the latest interpretation of modern fashion. Through platforms such as Gading Model Search (GMS) and Next Young Promising Designers (NYPD), JF3 aspires to encourage fresh talents in Indonesia’s fashion sector.

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Create a dynamic process for Indonesian and  French creative entrepreneurs and SME'S, as well as traditional craftsmen to grow together and eventually develop business to take part in the international market.

Create a program with a prestigious image that will provide an active management support, financial technical and networks, as well as a creative environment that enables growth, structuration and co-development.

F A S H I O N   S E C T O R​



Clothing and Apparel

Womenswear, Menswear, Childrenswear, Sportswear, and Denim

Accessories and Footwear

Shoes, Bags, Sunglasses, Scarfs, Wallets and Purses, Hats, Men's Tie, and Luggage


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Thresia Mareta

Lakon Indonesia

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Soegianto Nagaria


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French Embassy

W H O   C A N   J O I N​

C R E A T I V E   F O U N D E R S

Young creatives who have started a small business, have big ideas, strong concepts, and/or good executors. And have a vision to give positive impact to the society.

C R E A T I V E   M I N D S 

Young creatives who have have big ideas, strong concepts, and/or good executors. And have a vision to give positive impact to the society.

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