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The PINTU Incubator is a fashion incubator formed by JF3, LAKON Indonesia, and the French Embassy. This year, we will begin the process of selecting the incubator participants, who will be young innovative fashion business actors. With the goal of growing into enterprises that have a significant role in the national and worldwide fashion industries.

Requirements :

1. Male/Female aged 18 – 35 years and an Indonesian citizen;

2. The group of participant consists of 1-3 persons;

3. Participants must attach a complete biodata;

4. Participants must submit product concept ideas;

5. Participants must submit business concepts, plans, and models.




PINTU Incubator is divided into 2 (two) categories based on the following criteria:

A. CREATIVE FOUNDERS with the following conditions:

 Young creatives who have started a small business;

 Have a big ideas, strong concepts, and/or good executors;

 Have a vision to give positive impact to the society;

 Have minimum business income of IDR 20.000.000/month;

 The business does not have/receives financing from investors;

 Send a minimum of 5 (five) product samples to the JF3 secretariat at the following address:

Center Management Office MKG 5, floor 3A, Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading, Boulevard Raya Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta 14240. UP: The Committee PINTU Incubator.

 Attach the business profile data.

B. CREATIVE MINDS with the following conditions:

 Young creatives who have big ideas, strong concepts, and/or good executors;

 Have a vision to give positive impact to the society.

C. This program includes the following business fields:

 Clothing and apparel:

                               Womenswear, Menswear, Childrenswear, sportswear, denim

 Accessories and footwear:

                                Shoes, bags, sunglasses, scarfs, wallets and purses, hats, men’s tie, luggage


1. This program is open to the public and nationally in a variety of professional sectors, including Fashion Designer, Marketing & Business Retail, and those with creative ideas from any background;

2. Participants must attach a photocopy of their ID card;

3. The committee does not cover the costs of participants' accommodation, food, and transportation;
4. Participants must be able to communicate in English;

5. The registration form is available for download at www.jfff.info.;

6. Email the completed registration form and all required data to pintuincubator@jf3.co.id with the subject: PINTU Incubator Category A/B (choose one) before 22 May 2022;

7. The 20 (twenty) groups who pass the first round of selection from category A will attend the workshop for one month, and the top 10 (ten) will be chosen to participate in the next stage of the workshop;

8. The 10 (ten) groups who pass the category B selection will attend the workshop for one month, and the best 3 (three) will be chosen;

9. Selected participants must engage in all activities as determined by the committee;

10. The evaluation is made by a team of curators consisting of experts in respective specialties;

11. The Curator's evaluation is final and cannot be contested;

12. Winners must follow and obey all forms of regulations that have been determined by the committee.

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