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R e a d y t o W e a r

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"Lakon Indonesia x Cahyo"

Irsan 5th Collection for Lakon Indonesia

06 . 09 . 2022

Tenda LaPiazza Kelapa Gading, Jakarta


Everything that is done with the H E A R T will give S O U L

And enliven the W O R K


A work that has Soul will open countless doors

In the end… it brings itself in a JOURNEY TRHOUGH TIME that knows no limits

Indeed, E T E R N I T Y is not of mortals.

LAKON Lorong Waktu 2022-832.jpg

Entering its 5th year, Lakon Indonesia remains consistent in doing direct collaboration with traditional craftsmen to produce impactful results in developing their economy. Furthermore, Lakon Indonesia also gives new points of view and knowledge so that every single one of them can be useful for the future.

The LORONG WAKTU collection is the fruit of Lakon Indonesia’s collaboration with one of Indonesia’s Batik maestros – CAHYO from Pekalongan, Central Java. Cahyo is known for elegant and fine Batik patterns of flora and fauna created using a special kind of coloring technique. The desire to work together started way before the start of the Pakaiankoe collection (2020). It started when Thresia Mareta, founder of Lakon Indonesia, saw the soul and feelings that Cahyo poured into his batiks. Cahyo infused indentity, detail, and excellence into the coloring technique of his batik, creating characteristic and maturity that illustrates his strength.

Following careful consideration, this year 2022, Lakon Indonesia started to bring up Indonesian artisans that, up until now, were kept behind the scenes. Through her experiences meeting and collaborating with a lot of artisans and enjoying their works, Thresia Mareta has her own standards towards the works, principle, and technique. This is what pushes Lakon Indonesia to be very careful in choosing the artisans to collaborate with in every presentation.

As with LAKON Indonesia’s previous collections, LORONG WAKTU is directed to become one that dives deeper and gives more meaning to the efforts of preserving the culture, fashion world, and creative industry of Indonesia. We have designed and considered every step of our effort with detail, starting from behind the scenes with the craftsmen, artisans, SMEs, and people of the creative industry, so that everything can give real benefits to a lot of people just like our previous presentations: Pakaiankoe, Aradhana, and Gantari.

Our team worked with all their hearts in executing LORONG WAKTU to achieve maximum results from all the exploration the we have done together. How to ensure that this collection does not just become a collection made from local products, but also a collection that can present the works of Cahyo and the artisans to become something that has value and standard accepted in the international world. Thus, also raising the name of Indonesia and Jakarta, the window to Indonesia’s art and culture.

We hope that each our works and efforts can become a turning point in making the changes that are indispensable right now to build culture and tradition that can strengthen Indonesia in moving forward and in its development.


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Creative Director

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Batik Maestro